Thursday, February 11, 2010

pra evitar teias de aranha (digitais)

hoje fiz feijão, o que em anos recentes passou a ser um grande evento na minha vida. o prato quase sempre vem acompanhado de SAUDADE - mas aquelas rodelas são laranja.

Friday, December 04, 2009

Um Ano nos EUA

Hoje terminei a minha última atividade formal do ano. Férias e uma ou duas decisões a tomar pela frente. Viver nos Estados Unidos é exatamente como se imagina...

Monday, September 14, 2009

Tem salvação.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Na Casa do Cagado

Monday, June 29, 2009

najayo, santo domingo e garotas nuas e suadas

Logo mais parto pra República Dominicana. Segue linkado o blog de um colega meu que explica o objetivo declarado da viagem, com reflexões que são parecidas com as minhas.

Meu objetivo verdadeiro nunca foi esse, porém.

Escrevo um relato quando voltar. Ou passo o link outra vez se gostar do conteúdo. Hehe.

Monday, June 01, 2009

carnivoro = pau pequeno

carros esporte sabidamente emitem grande quantidade de monoxido de carbono. diz-se que o gosto por tal tipo de carro esta' associado ao tamanho inferior (a media da populacao) do penis do tipico proprietario.

a criacao de gado de qualquer tipo tambem esta' associada a emissao do mesmo gas, o que leva qualquer um a obvia conclusao de que o consumo de carne tambem esta' relacionado ao pau pequeno.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

D.M. e a incansável busca por novos amigos

e-mail from Classmate #1

Hey Class,

This is from Dr. H. Let me know what your thinking and I will get back to him.


> David,
> I have been traveling back from a conference on the East Coast and I just got home. The sample questions I posted last Tuesday were intended to help give direction as to what to expect on the exam. I am aware that Blackboard has apparently overwritten our course or something so that you have not had access the last few days. Unfortunately, given that I have been at a conference since last Thursday, I have not been able to get that taken care of. Hopefully, they will be able to address it first thing tomorrow.
> As I mentioned in class last time, I am more than happy to postpone the exam until the next class period if that is what the class would prefer. As the de facto president, you might want to poll the class and let me know the preference. If you would all like to push it back, then I will set aside time on Wednesday for you to ask questions.
> Thanks.
> Dr. H

e-mail from D.M.

I vote for postponing the exam. I have been studying the subject and could really do with the extra time and Dr. H's review session. It would also mean that I would have the cast off and could use my right hand to sit the exam. Plus, Finance = Dr. DB's classes.

e-mail from Classmate #2


Please, please, please DO NOT vote to postpone this test unless you have put some effort into studying for it prior to today. If you think we have not been given a fair shake with the material, then please go ahead and vote for postponement. But if its because you have not picked up the book before today...

And half-joking/half-very-serious is the rest of this email: I haven't treated this like a stats test by any means, but I have put some hours in over the last couple of days. The value of me studying for a econ test that is a few days away = 10 value pts. The value of me doing my sports law paper = 7 value pts.

So 10 - 7 = 3 pts of value achieved by my econ studying.

The value of me studying for a econ test that is in june = 1 value pt.

So 1- 7 = negative 6 pts of value. So postponing this test is really deeming the time I have spent studying as a waste of time. Fine by me if the class decides we have been treated unfairly, but not fine by me if its cause people have just started studying for this test that we have known about for weeks.

e-mail from Classmate #3

As far as the postponement goes, this is grad school, so take your lumps and study hard today. Exam should be tomorrow as is.

e-mail from Classmate #4

I'm with Classmate #3 on this one... vote for taking the test tomorrow.

Value of me taking this test tomorrow = 10 value pts. I understand we all have needs and if you feel the need for more time then then by all means but if you have not made studying for this test at least some what-high on list of weekend do's then I don't think its fair to put it off.

e-mail from D.M.

A different approach would be considering that all the studying you have done so far is not going to waste, and having some feedback on the mock exam could be the difference between a B and an A - and I think most of us do care about their GPA.

I also disagree with Classmate #2's opinion that the exam should be held tomorrow just because that was the original scheduled date. Since the beginning, Hilmer said he was flexible with dates and that is the impression I still get from his e-mail to Classmate #1.

e-mail from Classmate #5

I also agree. I don't think we could just take advantage of professors allowing us to move papers and tests around for our convenience. This is grad school and unfortunately shit gets tough, and in the "real world" we're not going to be able to move report dates around because we aren't quite ready.

Not to say that people voting to postpone the test haven't been studying, but it seems unfair to move the date for people that have put the time in and postponed other work (i.e. contract negotiations and papers) in order to study for econ. As I stated before, I vote for tomorrow.

BTW, if not everyone is reading their emails, there may still be people in class under the impression that the test is tomorrow.

e-mail from Classmate #6 (misinterpreted by D.M.)

I think everyone should just reply with their vote to Classmate #1 and not
email-yell/scold those who want to postpone the test

Unless you know exactly what is going on in everyone's life and how
well they are understanding the material, you really don't have to
right to try and tell people how to vote. That is why it is a
democracy and the professor is offering us to have the chance to ask
questions tomorrow and postpone the test IF that is what the majority
of the class wants. Just place your one vote and deal with it.

e-mail from D.M.

A democracy also allows people to express their opinions, and all the reasoning here may help people who don't have strong feelings about any particular side to choose the option that they think will be beneficial to the group as a whole.

In the 'real world', none of us will be exposed to midterms unless we decide to pursue further academic qualifications and we're studying now so we learn enough and don't have to postpone reports when we get real jobs.

e-mail from Classmate #1


The Econ test will be postponed. Dr. H will have Blackboard up later today and will address the class then.

If you have questions, comments or concerns please address them to me professionally and I will do my best to respond.

All the best,

Classmate #1

e-mail from Classmate #7 (trying to make D.M. look a bit better)

Hey guys,
I just want to say thanks to everyone for keeping a civil tone during our discussion (e-discussion?) over whether to postpone the exam or not. It seemed to me like the class was pretty evenly divided, and some people on both sides were pretty passionate about their differing opinions; it would have been easy for the discussion to devolve into ad hominem attacks, and I think it speaks well of us as a group that it didn't.

I hope everyone can live with the result, and I hope those of you that have already put in serious study-time will still find it useful when we do take the exam in a couple weeks.


Classmate #7.


D.M. continues his saga of dealing really well with other human beings. More to come, guaranteed.